San Francisco Mission District – Top 5 Things to Do

Mission District is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco!

This cool, hippy neighborhood with latino roots offers amazing murals, lots of bars, restaurants and of course, delicious Mexican food. I keep going back to Mission District all the time and especially when I have friends or family over in San Francisco. Most of the time I find that the time is very limited as there are just so many cool things to see in San Francisco.

To avoid wasting too much time wandering around the area in search for the coolest murals, I listed the top 5 things to see in Mission District.

1. Women’s Building

Women's Building, Mission District, San Francisco.
The building front of Women's building at Mission District, San Francisco.

Arguably one of the most beautiful murals in Mission District. Women’s Building is a non-profit community center for women located at 3543 18th street in Mission District.

2. Clarion Alley

Artists playing at Clarion Alley

Painters, artists, murals, and more! Few block from Women’s building you will find Clarion Alley.

3. Balmy Alley

Balmy Alley Murals

Located at 50 Balmy Street, Balmy Alley is filled with cool murals painted by various different artists.

4. La Taqueria


Definitely the best Mexican food in San Francisco!

Due to its popularity, the lines can get pretty long. The place is closed Mondays and Tuesdays but if you love Mexican food and happen to be there on either of those days, there are plenty of other great Mexican places to choose from.

5. ….And More Murals

I just can’t get enough of these amazing murals, so I just kept walking around the neighborhood, they are literally everywhere! If you are tired of walking, another great way to explore the area is by bike.

What are your favorite places to spot murals at Mission District?