So you just landed at LAX airport and your next flight is hours away.

This is exactly what happened to me last week. I had five hours to kill at the airport….

I’m sure no one enjoys spending time at airports and especially at LAX where you know you are actually very close to one of the greatest beaches of LA.

Manhattan Beach makes a perfect spot to kill time if you have a long layover at LAX airport.

Why Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles and it’s conveniently located just south of LAX airport.

The area has a cool small town feel with lots of small boutiques, cafes, bars, and restaurants. It’s actually really easy to forget that you are in LA as the vibe is completely different here than in other parts of the city.

Walk along Manhattan Beach Pier to enjoy some ocean views or grab a beer at one of the many bars of Manhattan Beach overlooking the beach. Make your way up the hill to explore some great shopping along Manhattan Beach Boulevard. There is something for everyone!

People seem to love being outdoors especially at Manhattan Beach where you are very likely to spot people either surfing, longboarding, jogging or just casually strolling along The Strand and Manhattan Beach Pier.

Plus! Manhattan Beach is famous for its gorgeous sunsets. If you have a chance, head down here before the sun goes down, it’s so worth it!

How to get to Manhattan Beach from LAX Airport

From LAX Airport to Manhattan Beach

The best way to get to Manhattan Beach is by Uber or Lyft. Make your way down to shared ride pick up area at LAX airport. The pick up area is just outside of the main airport building in a huge parking lot. You can either get there walking or catch a free shuttle from arrivals level.

Store Your Luggage Or Check Your Bags With Your Airline

All you need to do is either store your bags in one of the luggage storages near the airport, carry your luggage (not recommended especially if heavy), or check in your luggage in advance with your airline. Some airlines open their check in four hours before flight departure.

I ended up checking in my luggage over 4h before my flight giving me lots of time to head down to Manhattan Beach to explore.

Good to know before you go

  • There is no luggage storage at LAX airport due to security reasons. However there are some luggage storages just outside of the airport like Vertoe luggage storage.
  • The drive from LAX airport to Manhattan Beach is just 5.8 miles (9.3km) and generally takes around 20 minutes without traffic. It’s good to remember that LA is known for its heavy traffic so check the estimated ride time before heading to the beach.
  • The best way to get to Manhattan Beach is by Uber. LAX has a separate area fro Uber pickups. Check the exact location on the app.
Sunset at Manhattan Beach

I really hoped I could have stayed, the view was just spectacular. Well hopefully I’ll be back soon with more time to properly explore LA!

Meanwhile I would love to hear about some great tips for visiting LA?

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