Venice -Best Travel Tips (+How to Avoid the Crowds)

I love Venice!

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t.

It’s just one of those unique cities in the world where everything is so picturesque…. canals, gondolas floating around, history, beautiful art, architecture, cobblestone streets, Italian restaurants, delicatessens and so much more!

I mean how could someone not love Venice?

The Rialto Bridge is one of Venice's best known landmarks.

Tips for Visiting Venice

The only thing not to like about the city though is its’ tourist crowds.

To avoid the busiest season and the worst tourist crowds in Venice I recommend you book your stay for low season. The high season usually runs from July through September.

You can also find the city less busy if you stay there during the week instead of weekend.

If the main attractions like Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square and Palazzo Ducale are on your list, I recommend you visit the sites early morning or at night. This is when the sites tend to be a lot more quiet.

Cool neighborhoods in Venice

I also recommend checking other neighborhoods in Venice besides the most popular ones. The neighborhoods of Santa Croce and Castello are great options for those who like to get a break from the crowds.

Santa Croce is a laid-back neighborhood in Venice with lots of art, local restaurants, and bars with local vibe.

Castello in turn has lots of small boutiques, cool bars and local eateries. If you want to experience local neighborhoods while in Venice, I would definitely recommend you to visit Santa Croce and Castello.

Boutiques along the city’s narrow streets lure many tourists. These Venetian masks are among the most popular souvenirs bought by visitors to the city.

Thoughts About Venice

Venice is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe! I’ve visited the city twice while on a work trip. Unfortunately those trips were rather short and I felt like I could have easily spent a few extra days wandering the city.
If I ever end up returning to Venice (which I hope I do!), I will make sure I get there during low season, when the city is a lot more quiet.

Have you visited Venice? What are your favorites sights and neighborhoods? Which time of the year did you visit the city? 🙂

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5 Replies to “Venice -Best Travel Tips (+How to Avoid the Crowds)”

  1. I loved Venice too but I didnt enjoy the crowds. I went over Easter and my god – I could hardly move in Venice for all the people!! But it was so magical, I’d 100% go back and use your tips for a more peaceful trip!


    1. Haha yeah, it can get pretty crowded! It will be interesting to see when tourist will return to Venice again after Covid-19…


  2. Hello Kaisa,

    I enjoyed reading your article. You have given me some good helpful tips for my next visit to Venice. I loved the pictures also that you have added in this post. Cheers!


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